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"Double One - Second to None"

Photographs from the 1960s

Click on the thumbnails below to see what it was like to be a member of ship's company in the 1960s.

Pictures Taken in Mid-60's; Received from Jake Jackman

From various sources

Gene Oswold 1966
Dick Wentzel is holding Susan and Carol is holding Lorrie during a 1963 homecoming.
QM3 Dick Sheehan
Shipmates circa 1963
Ted Miller
QM3 Dick Sheehan in OC Berthing circa 1963
Stephen Crudele, former PN2, Med Cruise '69
Photo submitted by Brian Voge, PNSN, on board mid-1966 until May of 1967

From Curtis Johnston, who was an ETN2 stationed onboard USS SELLERS during the early to mid 1960's


From Chuck Sirmans

From John Charles

From Mike Dodd

From Carl Foust

ASROC Launch
Aux Radio
Band on the Fantail
Carl Foust
Carl Foust in Paris
Carl Foust working on antennas
Crew Mess
URC-32 HF Transmitter
ET Gang 1966
High Line with USS Robert B McCard_DD822
OI DIV Berthing 1966
Sellers at Christmas
Tartar Missile Launch
Torpedo Launch

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