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"Double One - Second to None"

Photographs from the 1970's

Click on the thumbnails below to see what it was like to be a member of ship's company in the 1970s.

Photos from Miller Burns, of his father Patrick Kevin Burns, who was on SELLERS in 1973 timeframe.

Engineering Petty Officer
XO CDR Clark and Weps LT Corder
GMG 2 Williams
EWC Hilliard Re-enlistment with CDR Kicker
ENS Terry Sanner
More Engineers
The Sonar Gang enjoying a cook out
DKs hard at work
Signalmen (also hard at work)
Our postal clert at re-enlistment time with CDR Kicke
High fashion...
FTM3 Johnny Redmond
FTM3 Harry Stearns and FTM3 J.D. Elder
FTM2 John Wylde
ET2 Rodney Saum
ENS Veeder
ENS Hicks
L to R: BTFA Craig, BTFA Andy Compeau, BTFA Jeff Hickman "On Watch"
BTFA Hunter
Capturing the fearsome "Seabat"
Underway Replenishtment
Towing Exercise with USS Ware
Inport Palma Majorca
Crew 1973
Liberty Boat
Sellers in Hong Kong, 3 April 1973
Approaching Burning Supertanker
Refueling in Guam

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