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"Double One - Second to None"

Photographs from the 1980's

Click on the thumbnails below to see what it was like to be a member of ship's company in the 1980s.

Blue Nose Ceremony
Change of Command during the STANAVFORLANT Cruise of 1980
FTM2 Rob Simmons
FTM2 Terry Johnson
July 4th Party with CDR Chuck Kicker (Commanding Officer) in the foreground
Shipmates enjoying the party on the 4th
More of July 4th, 1980
2nd Division, circa 1980
3rd Division, circa 1980
4th Division, circa 1980
Flight Quarters...DDG Style
FTM2 John R. Wylde
FTM2 Tom Smith
FTM2 Tom Wood
Gunner's Mates
IC Shop
More ICMen at work (?)
Unrep crew
Two sailors from 1st Divison
After lookout "on watch"
Ship band bass player named Bales
Ships band circa 1982-1988
Ships band
Ships band
More bass guitar
Officer of the Deck
Checking out the re-fueling
Decommissioning #2
Decommissioning #3
Decommissioning #4
SELLERS Band Drummer
More Drumming
ET3 Bales on guitar
More chowline!
FN Cook while alongside USS AUSTIN
FC2 Doug Schwock
JO3 Hushion at the mic
IC3 Austin and ICFN Reagan
IC3 Tony Sever and "windbird"
MS3 Dowdy
MS in the Galley
MS who loves his job
Two guys on ASROC deck
Two guys on console
Three guys on the missile deck
EM3 James Kilpatrick receiving an award
EM3 Sam Dockery gets an award
GMG2 Lewis
GMG1 Britton
GMG1 Roberts
GMG3 Pullen in after steering
Thanks to Bryan Smith for sending us this photo from snipe berthing taken during the '89 Med deployment.
This is some sort of "Auction" that took place during the '89 cruise. Anybody remember what it was about?
Main Control Circa 1989
Decomissioning Plaque

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