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"Double One - Second to None"

Photographs of the Ship

Submitting Your Photographs

The essence of the SELLERS "experience" are the experiences of the crew, people like you and me. If you have photographs of the ship to share, send them to us. If you have slides or photographs, send them to us - we'll scan them and post them. If you have already scanned your photographs, send the files to us and we'll post those as well.

All hands on deck
Asroc deck
Sellers cover
Heavy seas
Sellers in formation
Sellers in formation
Sellers in drydock
Missile launch
5" Gunnery
ASROC Launcher
Norway transit
GITMO 1965
Port turn
Return from 1964 cruise
Birds Away
Heading into the Eastern Med
Messina City 1964
Messina in the rain 1964
In Barcelona for Christmas 1964
SELLERS in Messina City 1964
Turnover. USS ENTERPRISE in foreground 1964
USS BOSTON in Naples Harbor 1964
SELLERS in drydock in Philly
SELLERS in drydock in Philly
SELLERS after Unrep
SELLERS after Unrep
SELLERS in Naples
SELLERS in Philly
SELLERS in Philly
SELLERS in Philly
ASROC Launcher contributed by IC3 Tony Sever
SELLERS at anchor
SELLERS at anchor #2
SELLERS at anchor #3
SELLERS at anchor #4
SELLERS at anchor #5
SELLERS at anchor #6
ASROC Launch
Rough Weather
More Rough Weather
Torpedo Launch
Target Towing
This picture was taken of SELLERS from the Belgian Navy frigate WESTDIEP (F911) during STANAVFORT 1980.
Photo of DDG-11 in 1981 during Indian Ocean Cruise. Submitted by Don Teeter (FCC Retired)
Pictures of 1/96 scale model of USS CHARLES F. ADAMS (DDG-2), the lead ship of the ADAMS-Class of Guided Missile Destroyers, which included the USS SELLERS (DDG-11). The model was built by Keith Mullen of BaD Ship Models.
It will placed on display in the The Landing in downtown Jacksonville, where the Jacksonville Historic Naval Ship Museum will have some "initial displays" set up prior to the arrival of the USS CHARLES F. ADAMS which will then become the home of the Museum
1968 Christmas Eve from USS Everglades (from Scotty Easton)
Photo taken from the Everglades one of the few times we got off the coffee grounds (from Scotty Easton)
Crete 1973
Portsmouth 1980
Portsmouth 1985
USS Sellers DDG-11
Not sure if youíve got this one. I think it was taken in 89. You can see the dent on the bow where the ship hit the dock in Morocco. Itís not a perfect scan, but itís got a lot of detail. Mike IC3, 88-89

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