Who are we?

We are an Association that connects all of our SELLERS shipmates and their family members together. The Association coordinates activities related to our group, maintains a database of our shipmates, and sets up our SELLERS Reunions every two (2) years. Your participation in the Association is a necessary key in keeping the memories of the SELLERS alive for our group, our families, our friends, and the generations of sailors to come. You may join our Association and help keep the memories alive for only $15.00 per year (send to our Treasurer).

Joining the Association

To join the SELLERS Association, all you need do is send a check made payable to USS Sellers Association for $15.00 for your Annual Dues to our Treasurer, and let him know who you are, and when you were on the SELLERS. His address is listed below. Drop him a note, he’d be happy to hear from you.


Steve Incremona

Address: 3011 S. Walnut Ridge Dr. New Haven, IN 46774
Tel: 260-410-0075
Email: steve@cfsfloorcovering.com

Vice President

Greg French

Address: 28 Christian Street Wallingford, CT 06492
Tel: 203-213-7182
Email: skapunk2059@hotmail.com


Jim Aldrich

Address: 21 Beaumont Drive Hendersonville, NC 28739
Tel: 828-595-9630 or 813-528-1979 (cell)


Alan F. E. Thiese

Address: Weatherby Drive Macon, Georgia 31210-8234
Tel: (478) 477-6507
Email: alanmaconga@cox.net


Bob Rumney

Email: gufinof@reagan.com